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Introducing Victor Darley-Usmar, PhD, an Alabama Researcher Now Helping in a SEID Study

Day after day, from my bed, I watch my social media newsfeeds for some news on my disease, especially for anything happening locally in Alabama. But news, by nature, often comes when not expected. And this happened in October, while I was watching a video from Open Medicine Foundation of a presentation at the International Association of CFS/ME conference.

Dr. Jon Kaiser was speaking, and he said:
“There’s a researcher named Victor Darley-Usmar at the University of Alabama, who works with the Seahorse company—and I think he’s a genius. He is developing an equation to take all the data that the Seahorse test provides and distill it down into a single number called the—he calls it the ‘BHI,’ the bioenergetic health index. So, you know, it would be like getting a PSA or [inaudible]. You get a bioenergetic health index from a blood sample, looking at white blood cell mitochondrial energy production. So I think that’s the cutting edge of this field, and once we start sending our patients …