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IOM Implementation: What's Missing (besides the name change)

In early 2015, the Institute of Medicine put out their long feared report on ME/CFS. They searched through the research, and a committee made of experts (both in the disease and in other pertinent fields) made some suggestions that are intended to influence US health agencies.
They recommended a new clinical criteria.They recommended a new name.They recommended a new diagnostic code with the new name.They recommended more research funding.They recommended a health provider education/dissemination campaign.They recommended the government set up a screen/diagnostic toolkit for clinicians.They recommended that the criteria be reviewed again in 5 years for any changes science my dictate are needed.The CDC and NIH have started work on implementing many of these recommendations. The CDC website is expected to be changed soon to have the new criteria. They have a workgroup to help them in the implementation. This workgroup includes patients, SEID experts and people from medical professional o…